We here at Back Flow Testers of New York are New York State Licensed Backflow Device testers.

We can conduct your annual inspection and file for you. If for any reason your device fails, we can tell you what is wrong and if needed, recommend a licensed plumber to repair it.

Avoid costly fines of up to $2500 by having our fully automated reminder system contact you before your next inspection is due.

Our sign-off INCLUDES the master plumber sign off as well…No additional charge!

And don’t forget we offer discounts of up to 25% for multiple devices in one location!*

Don’t be fooled by low ball numbers out there who charge extra for the master plumber sign off or those unscrupulous testers who don’t actually do the test.

You never know who is watching and if caught, you will face heavy fines and have unnecessary problems!

Ready for your inspection? Contact us!

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