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If your building has a fire sprinkler system, is commercial or mixed use, chances are you have this device or will be required to have one installed in the near future. You may even have this device if your home has a lawn irrigation system or certain types of residential applications.

To protect New York City’s drinking water supply systems from contamination, DEP has a robust water quality monitoring program and regularly performs sampling throughout the City to ensure all relevant State and federal standards are met.

DEP also works to prevent contamination before it occurs by ensuring that City businesses comply with all relevant City and State codes. A key component of this enforcement and inspection initiative is DEP’s Cross Connection Control Program, which requires certain businesses to install and operate approved backflow prevention devices and enforces Part 5 Section 5-1.31 of the State Sanitary Code and Title 15, Chapter 20 of the Rules of the City of New York.

Backflow testers of New York is equipped to service and keep up with your back flow device.

Why is a back flow prevention device required?

Backflow prevention devices are an important component of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s drinking water protection program and are legally mandated under the New York State Sanitary Code and the Rules of the City of New York for those businesses identified as posing a risk to the public water supply.


Without a working back flow preventer your are susceptible to fines up to $2500

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